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We realize the investment in Design and Build system, which gives the answers to two essential questions:
What is the final look and cost of the construction?

Warehouses, production halls with a higher degree of cleanliness, and laboratories

Examples of projects

Industrial halls

Steel halls are constructed with the use of the latest technology. At the client’s request, we realize the investment is already prepared for usage. The steel halls with warehouse and logistic purposes provide unlimited construction possibilities.

Most of our projects are built with social and office facilities

Examples of projects

Office buildings

Office buildings in the system enable the construction of the facilities up to 6 floors. These types of buildings are designed for office, sale, administrative, industrial, and service purposes. They include not only steel construction of the facility, but also structural ceilings, roof systems, veneers. INODEK ceilings enable saving the space between floors and lowering the general altitude and cost of the building. When designing office buildings we use 3d effect allowing the presentation of different construction variants.

We have already completed several investments of this type. Each time the investment is even more demanding

Examples of projects

Shopping malls

The buildings are perfectly suited for trade exhibition halls, shopping centers, and exhibition stores.

The advantages of commercial buildings are low maintenance costs and fast implementation of the investment. It is a comprehensive solution for all those who want to save time and stress associated with construction. We can execute any project, depending on the Investor’s needs.

Our client base includes the largest petrol stations in Poland, e.g. CircleK, Lotos, Statoil

Examples of projects

Petrol stations

Our portfolio also includes the construction of modern petrol stations which not only meet all necessary standards but are also a must-visit point for our Clients during their smaller and larger trips.

our Clients


Our great asset is the design office.

Thanks to it, we have complete control over the planned investment. When designing, we think not only about the current purpose of the object but also about the potential future expansion. At this stage, we suggest different types of solutions. Not only technical but also visual ones.


Strategic Partners

In the selection of our partners, we were guided by reliability, quality, innovative approach, and experience in the market
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We build a better future for our investors since 2003.

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